8-days horses migration process from Vashlovani to Tusheti
April to May
1300 USD
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8-days horses migration process from Vashlovani to Tusheti
April to May
1300 USD

Vashlovani to Tusheti Horseback Riding Adventure

  • Route difficulty: Medium 
  • Riding ability: confident intermediate riders and above
  • Travel Distance: 260 kilometers
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Duration: 8 day
  • The price includes:
    • Transportation: Tbilisi to Vashlovani and back from Tusheti to Tbilisi
    • Complete equipment: Tents, sleeping bags, and bedding
    • Protective helmets
    • Horses and experienced riding companions
    • Full three-course meals, including various food and drinks
    • Last-night stay in a hotel in Tusheti
    • Support car available throughout the tour
  • The price does not include Insurance
  • The minimum number of people in a group are 8
  • The maximum number of people in a group are 15
  • What to bring: Good shoes, comfortable pants (riding pants are not necessary), gloves, and buff are recommended 
  • The Availability period is between 06/08/2024 and 06/15/2024

Day 1: Tbilisi to Vashlovani National Park

  • Depart from Tbilisi, traveling in comfortable off-road vehicles
  • En route, pass through the scenic villages of Kakheti and Dedoplistskaro district
  • Arrival at Vashlovani National Park, where our horses and riding companions await
  • Lunch at our winter farm, where horses spend the winter. Prepare horses for the journey
  • Evening dinner prepared on-site with delicious traditional Georgian dishes

Day 2: Vashlovani to Elia

  • After morning breakfast, prepare horses for the 7-day journey
  • Ride for 6-7 hours, starting from our farm towards the vicinity of Elias Monastery
  • Pass through Kasristskal village, the beautiful fields of Shirak, and have lunch
  • Reach Saramo near Mount Elias, to set up camp and have dinner in the evening

Day 3: Elia to Sakobo

  • Breakfast prepared by our team
  • Set off for a 7-8-hour horse ride, passing through Dedoplistskaro district
  • Have lunch in the afternoon and camp in the Dedoplistskaro region area near Sakobo
  • Evening camp setup and dinner with authentic local and traditional dishes

Day 4: Sakobo to Tsinandli Valley

  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast before an 8-9 hour horse ride
  • Pass through the picturesque Alazani Valley, offering views of the Caucasus and beautiful fields
  • Have lunch traditionally prepared by our team; reach Tsinandali estates to camp and spend the night
  • Evening dinner at the campsite

Day 5: Tsinandali to Shakriani, Pshaveli

  • Morning camp breakfast before continuing the journey
  • Today's horse ride is 8–9 hours through the remaining Alazani valley
  • Lunch en route; pass through Shaqriani fields, Pshaveli village, and camp near Pshaveli
  • Evening dinner and preparations for the Tusheti road

Day 6: Pshaveli to Picris Chala

  • After morning breakfast, prepare horses for the Tusheti leg of the journey
  • Pass through the village of Lechuri, Sviana, and begin the ascent of the Abano pass
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch; cross the Abano Pass at 2945 meters above sea level
  • Camp near Picris Chala for a traditional dinner in the evening

Day 7: Picris Chala to Omalo

  • Start the day with a delightful morning breakfast
  • A 7-8-hour horse ride as we enter Tusheti National Park
  • Lunch on the way; arrive in the village of Omalo for an overnight stay in a family hotel
  • An amazing dinner with breathtaking views of Tusheti

Day 8: Omalo to Tbilisi

  • Breakfast in the family hotel
  • Visit Keselo Castle Towers, the Visitor Center in Omalo, and then start the return journey
  • Cross the Abano Pass, have lunch, visit Alvani, and explore the Alaverdi Cathedral
  • Return to Tbilisi through the Gombori Pass

Experience the Majesty of Georgia's Wilderness—your Epic Journey Begins!

Elene Gochilaidze / Guide

Locals from Tusheti National Park. She specializes in organizing unforgettable equestrian adventures and group jeep tours in Tusheti, Vashlovani, and all around Georgia. She is deeply passionate about sharing the rich cultures and traditions of the Tushetian people.

Georgian and English-speaking guide