4-Day Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti
June to September
1232 USD
4-Day Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti
June to September
1232 USD

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Explore Tusheti's Majesty: Unforgettable Horseback Riding Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Route difficulty: medium
  • Trail length: 40 KM
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Start: Tbilisi
  • Key Stops: Shenako Village, Sanare Pass (2500), Pirikiti Gorge, Pharsma Village, Nakaicho Pass (3000), Keselo Castle Complex
  • The price includes transportation, a guide, accommodation, meals, and horses
  • The price does not include the hotel in Tbilisi
  • Optimal Time: June 1st–September 30th
  • The tour is suitable for medium-level riders

Tour Highlights:

Day 1: Departure from Tbilisi to Shenako

  • Departure from Tbilisi and transfer to Shenako village, Tusheti
  • familiarize with horses and initial orientation
  • Overnight stay in Shenako

Day 2: Sanare Pass and Pirikiti Gorge

  • Ascend Sanare Pass (2500), passing through forested paths
  • Descend into Pirikiti Gorge and explore historic Tusheti villages
  • Overnight stay at a guesthouse amidst the picturesque surroundings

Day 3: Pharsma Village and Nakaicho Pass

  • Follow the riverside until you reach the village of Pharsma
  • Ascend Nakaicho Pass (3000) and traverse a mountain ridge with breathtaking views. You will meet the Caucasus Mountains and their beauty
  • A night in a guesthouse, which is a very nice and peaceful place in the forest

Day 4: Keselo Castle and Return

  • Visit the historic Keselo Castle complex
  • Commence the return journey to Tbilisi by car
  • Arrive back in Tbilisi, concluding the memorable experience


  • The tour is intended for beginner riders and those who are physically well-prepared for hiking in the mountains.

Experience Tusheti National Park: A Journey into Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Tusheti National Park in Georgia's northeast is a pristine sanctuary with stunning landscapes and rich cultural history. Here's what makes Tusheti special:

Natural Beauty:

  • Majestic Mountains: Tusheti is surrounded by the impressive Caucasus Mountains, with peaks, valleys, and meadows.
  • Beautiful Valleys and Rivers: The park has lush green valleys crossed by the Pirikiti Alazani and Tusheti Alazani rivers.

Cultural Treasures:

  • Ancient Villages: Dartlo, Shenako, and Omalo are ancient villages with stone towers, preserving unique culture and history.
  • Local Life: Experience the warm hospitality and age-old traditions of the local communities.

Wildlife and Plants:

  • Diverse Life: Tusheti is home to rare species like the East Caucasian Tur and vibrant wildflowers during summer.

Adventure Opportunities:

  • Hiking and Horse Riding: Explore remote villages, mountain passes, and stunning viewpoints through hiking or horseback riding tours.

Preservation and Recognition:

  • UNESCO Potential: Tusheti's natural and cultural significance has the potential for UNESCO recognition.
  • Conservation Efforts: Initiatives are in place to protect Tusheti's environment and heritage for the future.

Tusheti National Park is a haven of natural beauty and history, inviting adventurers and nature lovers to explore its wonders.

Group Pricing:

  • 1940 GEL per person, full package for 4 people in a group
  • 2320 GEL per person, full package for 3 people in a group
  • 3080 GEL per person, full package for 2 people in a group

Discover Nature's Incomparable Beauty—Your Adventure Awaits!

Lasha Gagoidze / Guide

Local horse-riding guide. 11 years of experience in equestrian tourism. He has traveled the 1000-kilometer transcaucasian route along the Caucasus from Kakheti to Svaneti and knows well all the regions of Georgia.
​​​​English level is C1.




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