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    5 Days Horse Riding Tour in Caucasus



    Detailed description:
    • Route difficulty: Hard 
    • Trail length: 85 km
    • Duration: 5 days
    • Price includes Transportation, Guide, Accommodation, meals, Horses
    • Price does not include: Hotel in Tbilisi
    • The optimal time to go on a tour is between 20 June - 30 September

    The price is calculated for one person in a group of 6 people.

    Horse riding tour for a medium level of riders.

    Tour starts in Tbilisi. Transfer in Tusheti. From the village Shenako, we continue to tour by horse.

    The second day's path goes up on a Sanare pass (2500) which is covered by forest, then goes down and follows the Pirikiti gorge. Along the way, we’ll visit the historical villages of Tusheti and at night stay in a guesthouse.

    On the third day, the trail goes deep into the valley and periodically crosses the river, although it is very easy to cross the river on horseback. At the end of the day, we’ll arrive at the campsite, which is located at 2800 meters above sea level. On this day we’ll be out of the mobile service area.

    The fourth day's trail goes up on Atsunta pass (3500), it is the highest pass that is possible to cross on horseback. The trail goes down and follows the ridge and then continues in the deep valley of Khevsureti. At night we’ll stay in a guesthouse.

    On the fifth day, we'll say goodbye to the horses that have to cross this road back and go to Shenako, and we’ll return to Tbilisi by car from Shatili.

    Recommendation - The tour is intended for experienced riders and those who are physically well prepared for hiking in the mountains.

    Detailed Description

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