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    Travel is better with a horse

    Travel is better with a horse

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    Travel is better with a horse

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    Two mountainous region connection trail

    The purpose of our trip to Georgia is to explore 2 distinct mountainous regions: Khevsureti and Tusheti with their pristine nature, national parks, and unique culture.  At 9 a.m., we left Tbil...

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    Tusheti Adventure Horseback Riding Tour

    After arriving in Tbilisi, it was time to visit Tusheti, where an equestrian tour was waiting for us. At nine o'clock in the morning, a comfortable minivan came to the hotel, we packed our bags, ...

    2022-04-19 horsetours.ge
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    Historic equestrian trails in Georgia

    The purpose of our arrival in Georgia is to take a route that was used by shepherds 50 years ago and today trails have disappeared in some places. We met an equestrian guide in Tbilisi, who is the on...

    2022-04-19 horsetours.ge
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    Body language of a horse

    Horses do not utter words, but with their distinctive body language, it is very easy to speak to them. The eyes, ears, lips, skin, limbs, and tail are the parts of the body by which the horse express...

    2021-12-23 horsetours.ge
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    What you should know about horses

    The horse (Equus caballus or Equus ferus caballus) is a four-limbed mammal. Horses have been long time the most economically important domestic animals and have played a special role in transporting p...

    2021-12-21 horsetours.ge
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    The history of the horse

    The history of the horse starts 60 million years ago in the territory of North America. The ancestor of the horse of that time - Protorohippus - weighed only 10 kilograms and had fingers instead of ho...

    2021-12-16 horsetours.ge

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